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The Benefits Are Clear

The benefits of Kationx wastewater treatment plant products are crystal clear:

  • Ruggedly Reliable Performance regardless of wastewater chemistry, pH, and/or temperature excursions.  Works in cold water.
  • Compatible with other chemicals and biologicals.
  • Clean & Green Technology – Kationx Products Don’t Upset the Plant or Harm the Environment.
  • Operator Friendly:  Safe, Simple & Easy to Use.  Intuitive.  Immediate Results that are Observable.  Work smarter, not harder.
  • Save Time. Save Money.
  • Avoid Complexity. Reduce Risks.
  • Improve Operational Flexibility.
  • Made in USA Products. US-Only Supply Chain. Veteran Owned Small Business CAGE 84p00.

ODR&FOG™ (KCDX™) Consistently Removes Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Bar graph illustrating ODR&FOG#trade; (KCDX#trade;) Consistently Removes Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
ODR&FOG™ (KCDX™): Lift Station Post Conditioner

ODR&FOG™ (KCDX™) is a powerful all-natural lift station post-conditioner that reduces odorous gases in both water and air.

The reduction in harmful noxious gases prevents corrosion, extends the life of the equipment, and reduces the need for costly maintenance.

ODR&FOG™ (KCDX™) instantly reduces toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive sewer gases.

Reduction of Explosive Gases

  • Persistence Kicks in at Third Treatment
  • Post-treatment PPM Results Are Always Lower
  • Starting Measurements Are Lower
  • Remove/control H2S and other Reactive Sewer Gases & Odors
  • ODR&FOG™ (KCDX™): SafeSimpleNon-toxic

SETTApHY™ Accelerates Settling With Lower TSS/TDS/NH/N/P

Side by side graduated cylinders illustrating Katinx™ SETTApHY™ settling agent outperforming the competition.

SETTApHY™ Delivers a Better Quality Discharge Effluent and a Clear Difference


SETTApHY™ Delivers 62% Settling In 3 Hours

Side-by-side SETTApHY™ wastewater sludge settling agent delivers 62% settling in three hours

Digester Sludge SETTApHY Jar Test


Ordinary Digester Settlers

  • Digester Sludge Won’t Settle
  • 10% Biosolids & 90% Water
  • Higher Sludge Removal Costs: Hauling mostly water


  • 62% Settling in 3 Hours
  • 38% Biosolids & 62% Water
  • Lower Sludge Removal Costs: Hauling more biosolids, less water!
  • Remove/control Algae Blooms Downstream

FOGMVR™ – Lift Station Cleaning

Performing a Lift Station Cleaning with FOGMVR™


After Jetting

(5 Minutes Later)

  • Non-toxic; Non-corrosive
  • Immediate Results Observable
  • No site prep required
  • Routine use / maintenance
  • No need for installed equipmeny
  • Chase with ShrinkNFOG
  • Eliminate (eat) FOG in place; remove FOG from your collections system
  • SAFE, simple & easy to use
  • Jet in as an emulsion
  • Won’t harm flora, fauna; Won’t upset the plant
  • Improves wastewater flow & infrastructure longevity
  • No long-term contracts

FOGMVR™ - Stranded Lift Station cleaning

Stations & Wells

Removes FOG mats & masses. Cleans interior surfaces. Controls odors.

Performing a Stranded Lift Station Cleaning with FOGMVR™


After Jetting

(5 Minutes Later)


Kationx™ FOGMVR™ Stranded Lift Station cleaning

  • FOG emulsified / slurried (i.e., solid mass gone) then pumped down
  • Clean & Shiny Surfaces
  • Odors Gone - None!
  • Cleaning continues as slurry travels downstream to the treatment plant…
  • No more FOG clogs / SSOs (i.e., sewage in the street)

FOGMVR™ - LS Well Cleaning Field Tests

Field testing FOGMVR™ at a production lift station.


(solid FOG mat)

After Jetting

(liquid just 5 minutes later)

Solid FOG mat dissolved and slurried during field testing FOGMVR™ at a production lift station.

FOG Solids Accumulation

Converted to Liquid Emulsion


FOGMVR™Eliminating FOG Mats/Masses

Turn the thick FOG solids accumulation (left photo, above) into a liquid emulsion (right photo) by jetting in a FOGMVR™ + WATER emulsion (water jet visible).

Then, add ShrinkNFOG™ (SNF). 2 days = 96 generations later, at least half the FOG will have been consumed (eliminated in place). The fattened bugs make perfect rotifer food at the WWTP.

Clean surfaces plus eliminated FOG removes odors.

Recipe: 1 bucket FOGMVR™ + 1 jug SNF



  • FOG emulsified / slurried (i.e., solid mass gone) then pumped down
  • Clean & Shiny Surfaces
  • Odors Gone - None!
  • Cleaning continues as slurry travels downstream to the treatment plant PLUS ShrinkNFOG™ consumes FOG…
  • No more FOG clogs / SSOs (i.e., sewage in the street)

ShrinkNFOG™ - Eliminates FOG In-place by Eating It

Jug of ShrinkNFOG&trade, a Kationx™ product that consumes and eliminates nearly all of a FOG slurry

Kationx™ ShrinkNFOG™

ShrinkNFOG™ (SNF) is a Kationx product that accelerates FOG removal. SNF biologicals consume FOG present / in-place. Used after FOG is slurried with FOGMVR™, SNF delivers ruggedly reliable results.



  • Bacteria that’s optimized to consume FOG.
  • Used routinely, effects become persistent.
  • Competitively Priced.
  • Excellent value. No long term contract or expensive equipment install.
  • SAFE, simple & easy to use.


  • Slurried FOG presents maximum surface area for bugs to attack.
  • Cleans FOG from well, then continues cleaning downstream, too.
  • No site prep required.


GasKat™ - Odor Eliminator

GasKat&trade odor eating treatment.
Product image coming soon.

Kationx™ GasKat™

GasKat™ removes odors from public use bathroom facilities, latrines, portajohns; boat heads, & RV toilets. Immediate results. No fragrances – odor removal or reduction.



  • Designed specifically for public use bathroom facilities
  • Locks up odors, removing these from the air
  • Safe, simple & easy to use
  • Used routinely, will also clean out many solids encrusting interior infrastructure


  • No prep or special handling required
  • Gases are gone, along with negative health effects
  • Puff, then flush. Or, puff down into open hole latrine trenches
  • Compatible with many cleaning products that may also be used


FOG-BusTr™ (FOG Busting Trailer)

Kationx™ Fog Busting Trailer at job site. Turn-key with all tools & consummables + 325 gal tank adn heavy-duty pressure washer.

Kationx™ Fog Busting Trailer

This simple, ruggedly reliable, well-thought-out service trailer is easy to use. Get fast, efficient, and amazing lift station cleaning results.



  • All-in-one capabilities
  • Twin Axle guides well when towed
  • Powerful; Nimble
  • Primary Pump System
  • DOT lights & two package
  • Reduce Vac Truck Demand
  • Focus scarce, expensive, resources on critical problems; save time & money!


  • Work from the rear – everything’s easily accessible.
  • Approx. 1000 lbs dry; 3000 lbs when loaded with water
  • Comes Turn-key with all tools & consummables + 325 gal tank
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Washer
  • Powered lift, quick connects, stainless plumbing

Turn-key lift station & well cleaning. Get more done in a day; work smarter, not harder.

SETTApHY non-toxic flocculant icon

SETTApHY non-explosive flocculant icon

Operator Safe
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Easy To Clean
SETTApHY easy to clean flocculant icon

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